Our Story

William A. Wray
William A. Wray

In 1955, William A. Wray started Wray's Music House in Lemoyne, PA. From humble beginnings as a traveling salesman driving a truck loaded up with acoustic pianos, Bill eventually opened up one of the Harrisburg area's first music stores.  He started a musical legacy not only for our family, but for generations of our customers.

Wray's Music House circa 1970s
Wray's Music House circa 1970s

As the business grew, the Wray family dealt in acoustic pianos and organs, as well as musical instruments and accessories.  

Billy Sr & Frank DeStefano
Billy Sr & Frank DeStefano

Billy Sr along with his sister Betsy and brother in law Frank eventually took over the business from his father William Wray.  The store continued to grow into one of the largest and most reputable music stores in the area.  Customers would come from the tri-state area to visit and shop.

Bill Jr & Billy Sr New Year's Gig
Bill Jr & Billy Sr New Year's Gig

Billy Sr left the store in 1999, pursuing other interests such as full time gigging as a solo performer, taking the stage with numerous bands, and doing duos with his son Bill Jr.  

During this time, Billy Sr & Bill Jr also started selling musical instruments and accessories online and on eBay.  They started kicking around the idea of opening another brick & mortar shop, and the Wray family acquired a building in August of 2010.  They opened their doors in November of 2010 and Billy Wray Music Shop was born!

Adam Lukas
Adam Lukas

In late 2011 Adam Lukas joined Billy Wray Music Shop.  He wears a couple hats at the store, packing and processing internet orders, doing repair work, and helping customers. 


Billy Jr. left the store in 2013 to persue his own business while starting to get involved in the manufacturing side of the industry.




At the beginning of 2013, Pillip Johansen was brought on board to help with day to day opperations as well as to add his decades of customer service and instrument setup expertise to the team.

Our Pledge To You

We're not just a family that owns and operates a music shop, we're also musicians.  We know the gear we sell, and we value our customers.  Our belief is to treat others as we'd like to be treated ourselves.  We strive for personable customer service, the type of service that let's you know we appreciate your choice to come to us for your musical instruments and gear.


We look over each instrument we receive from our distributor.  If it's for sale in our shop or listed on our website, you can be assured we gave it our own quality control inspection.  


If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, we offer our 14 day return policy.


Our pricing is competitive - if you find it cheaper, ask us if we can match it.


We at Billy Wray Music Shop want to thank you for helping us continue on our family legacy. Those who knew William A. Wray always remember him as a giving man who had a way with people.  Our belief is to treat you like we expect to be treated.  Personable customer service is our priority, and we try to go out of our way to make you feel at home in our shop.  For our online customers, please feel free to give us a call.  If you're local, stop on in! 




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